NewsLetter Nexyad,  may 18th 2015. 

Nexyad Visual-Effects is enriching its automatic color calibration as providing its «Green & Pink» Skin.   


    What is a Nexyad Skin ?

    The Nexyad Skins are automatic and adaptative color grading processing (process is different for each sequence to obtain the same result) directly applied to edited rushes, it doesn't need any human intervention. TheNexyad Skins are based on high-tech method combining image analysis, human visual perception analysis, image processing and color theories of great pictural movements. The image data are statisticaly processed and then by a powerful neural network, and artificial intelligence. Artist's creativity is released with the Nexyad Skins, which also allow lower post-production costs to the financials and enhance the viewer's experience by ensuring visual result worthy of the great Hollywood productions. 

    Nexyad Visual-Effects is now developing several skins, they are all easyly adjustable in luminance, color scheme and intensity. This opens thousand of possible calibrations. Of course, it is possible to ask Nexyad to develop your own special Nexyad Skin

    Our Nexyad Skins revolutionize post-production of movies and TV shows. You will be able very soon to process your images on a dedicated Nexyad website without leaving home and give them the chosen style, with our secure Cloud.



Click on images to see the demo films below…


    The « Green & Pink » Nexyad Skin.

    Automatic calibration Nexyad "Green & Pink" is a grammar of colors between… green to pink. Shadow and medium luminances turned to green while skins, particularly faces, pulling to pink. Colors that do not agree to this grammar are forced to converge to either one or to the other of these two dominant hues to avoid lapses in taste, as theorized by artists of first art : painting. Once again, after "Teal & Orange"  Skin in the previous Nexyad Newsletter, we note that pure green is opposed to magenta on the color wheel. This combination produces a maximum color contrast that gives, with less saturation, the green and pink effect observed on demo movies above.

    This type of color calibration tends to give a dramatic effect to images. This was seen in thrillers, science-fiction movies, spy movies, and detective movies and also super-natural scenes. It has been used more or less exacerbated in the series of movies "The Matrix".

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