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NewsLetter Nexyad,  July 20th 2015. 





    Green and orange are quite staggered on the color wheel to produce a real color contrast when they are combined. This Nexyad Skin does not remove the other colors in image, but it rotate them enough to make all agree to each others. The orange gives to white characters good tanned healthy face, and it makes colored characters more visible in the images. On the same principle as the « cyan & orange », green changes the intent and of course the atmosphere to images, in particular it is warmer than cyan. Green has the distinction of being perfectly perceived by the human eye as "green" even if it is extremely light or dark. In psychology we can nevertheless distinguish two greens: green apple or green pulling to yellow that gives a positive feeling of fullness and youth (it's the one that we took for demos films); and contrariwise dark green that is perceived as negative or even maleficent.

    Countless movies and TV shows use Green & Orange color calibration for entire sequences. It is present in teenager blockbusters and romantic comedies.

    Click on images to see the demo films below…

NEXYAD Skin "Green & Orange" 01 - An Automatic Calibration & Color Grading Technology Demo from NEXYAD on Vimeo.

NEXYAD Skin "Green & Orange" 02 - An Automatic Calibration & Color Grading Technology Demo from NEXYAD on Vimeo.

    What is a Nexyad Skin ?

    The Nexyad Skins are automatic and adaptative color grading processing (process is different for each sequence to obtain the same result) directly applied to edited rushes, it doesn't need any human intervention. The Nexyad Skins are based on high-tech method combining image analysis, human visual perception analysis, image processing and color theories of great pictural movements. The image data are statisticaly processed and then by a powerful neural network, and artificial intelligence. Artist's creativity is released with the Nexyad Skins, which also allow lower post-production costs to the financials and enhance the viewer's experience by ensuring visual result worthy of the great Hollywood productions. 

    Nexyad Visual-Effects is now developing several skins, they are all easyly adjustable in luminance, color scheme and intensity. This opens thousand of possible calibrations. Of course, it is possible to ask Nexyad to develop your own special Nexyad Skin

    Our Nexyad Skins revolutionize post-production of movies and TV shows. You will be able very soon to process your images on a dedicated Nexyad website without leaving home and give them the chosen style, with our secure Cloud.



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Nexyad Denoiser Film Demo from NEXYAD on Vimeo.

    All digital cameras produce electronic noise. The less light it is while filming, the more noise in images. During images capture, the more heat, the more camera heating, the more noise ... This common artifact is unsightly and may trouble understanding of a scene since its movement attracts the audience’s eye . Noise also may not be visible with naked eye, but nevertheless be present; therefore it rise to the surface in post production when the luminance or saturation will be seriously worked. It is the reason why some productions prefer not to touch the images, which almost give « raw capture » movies or TV shows ; rarely competitive in term of render.

    Nexyad has developed a powerful denoiser tool that does not produce other artifacts and eliminates now debayering’s problems. About 95 to 99% of electronic noise disappears, the images are much more beautiful and lose their draft and « spiky » appearance.

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