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    Nexyad Visual-Effects is proud to present you our technology Nexyad Skin "Sovcolor".

    What is a Nexyad Skin ?

    The Nexyad skins are automatic Color Grading processing directly apllied to edited rushes, it does’nt need any human intervention. The Nexyad Skins are based on a high-tech method combining image analysis, human visual perception analysis, image processing and color theories of great pictorial movements. The image data are statistically processed and then by a powerful neural network, and artificial intelligence. Artists’s creativity is released with the Nexyad skins, which also allow lower post-production costs to the financials and enhance the viewer's experience by ensuring visual result worthy of the great Hollywood productions.

    Nexyad Visual-Effects is now developping several skins, they all are easyly adjustable in luminance, color scheme and intensity. This opens thousands of different possible calibrations. Of course, it is possible to ask Nexyad to develop your own Nexyad skin.

    In a near future, our Nexyad Skins will revolutionize post-production movies and TV shows. You will be able to process your images on a dedicated Nexyad website without leaving home and give them the chosen style, with our secure Cloud.


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About the Nexyad Sovcolor Skin :

The Sovcolor was the subtractive 3 colors process of Agfacolor films from 1948 to 1954 used in the Soviet bloc countries. Indeed, the Wolfen Film Factory was in the area of occupancy of the Red Army at the end of the Second World War and continued to provide film until 1954. The Sovcolor colors are characterized by their smoothness near pastel and give the images a delightful old fashioned appearence. This calibration can be used for different types of projects as romantic comedies, historical films, dramas, battles, etc ...  


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