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Company profile
NEXYAD is a company of maths expertise for real world applications. Main founders of NEXYAD, Pierre DA SILVA DIAS and Gerard YAHIAOUI teach applied maths in french Engineers Universities (Ecoles d'Ingénieurs). They've been working as research engineers for many high level projects in the French industry (example : target detection and tracking for anti -tank missiles - firm : Aerospatiale/EADS) and rapidly joined smaller high technology oriented companies where they took the head of the research and development department. In 1995, they decided to set up in business. Programs (in the "PREDIT" focus) such as :
- ARCOS : intelligent vehicle for road safety improvement.
- SARI : intelligent roads and infrastructures for road safety improvement.
Some of these rechearches led to available on-board real time algorithms for road safety applications and also to products (hardware and software) that are in
use in the Automotive industry to improve the efficiency of safety equipments such as the wiper system (including rain sensor).
NEXYAD is one of the main founders of the french
research society VESTAPOLIS that has been recently gathered  with  the  french
MODELING , driven by the french applied maths company Société de Calcul Mathématique SA, and the Kent State University (Ohio, USA).
From January the 1st of 2006, NEXYAD is member
of the European Association of Research and Technology Organisations (EARTO).
For   more   than  ten   years,   NEXYAD  re-
invested a big part of its profits for equity consolidation (see Identity card of NEXYAD). This strategy allows now NEXYAD to develop innovations that anticipate the needs of its customers.

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Since 1995, NEXYAD 's know-how has been hired by many European big firms for their high level projects, mainly into four application fields : intelligent product, intelligent process, human factor modeling, marketing and sales. Most important applications have been developed for car industry, transportation, road safety, and defense.
NEXYAD also invested time and money in its own research and development program for road safety and intelligent vehicle. Moreover,   NEXYAD  is  deeply   involved   into       Institutional      French       Research
research society NORMANY MOTOR VALLEY in order to build the biggest french research technopole on innovation for transportation and car safety :  MOV'EO.
In this framework, NEXYAD is now Member of the Board of MOV'EO, and Gerard YAHIAOUI (President CEO of NEXYAD) is member of the executive bureau of this research society.
As a major subcontractor in the field of advanced artificial vision, NEXYAD is member of the society
NEXYAD is also involved
in the research program    ROBUST        MATHEMATICAL 
Contact :
NEXYAD S.A.  /   95 rue Pereire  /  F78100 Saint Germain en Laye  /  FRANCE

tel : (00) +33 (0)139 04 13 60  /  fax : (00) +33 (0)139 04 13 61 
Gerard YAHIAOUI, (President CEO) /  email :  /  Pierre DA SILVA DIAS (Managing Director CEO)    /  email :

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